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End-to-end Supply Chain Solutions

We provide visibility at order, item or even SKU (stock keeping unit) level, to make sure our customers can drive optimization in their supply chain. Be it improved speed-to-market, consolidating flows between vendors, utilizing containers optimally, or controlling manufacturing and distribution aspects of a company’s supply chain – that’s where Panalpina can help businesses manage global, end-to-end supply chains with best-in-class services.

We operate globally yet locally. Understanding and acting on the conditions and requirements of your supply chains are important for us. Panalpina covers global as well as regional supply chain solutions, with seasoned experts to serve your business everywhere in the world.

Drive your customer experience, enhance bottom-line profits and transform your supply chains into a strategic advantage. Panalpina offers modular services that meet the critical needs of companies with complex manufacturing or distribution networks and with a competitive focus on time-to-market and operating cost.

Supply chain strategy

  • Understand and address your supply chain pain points with whiteboard workshops
  • Gain insights into market conditions and adopt the optimal supply chain management model
  • Use metrics and benefit from our logistics services sourcing expertise to improve and unlock value in your supply chains
  • Understand processes, on an end-to-end basis, needed to achieve compliance from all stakeholders to deliver benefits and optimization

Supply chain management

  • Visibility solutions that provide visibility at order, item or SKU level, making it possible to manage supply chains by exception and take upstream decisions
  • Best-in-class and single touchpoint end-to-end solutions ensuring delivery at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right quality, to the right place and at the right cost
  • Optimal and sustainable solutions for your supply chains
  • Manage supply chains on “due date” to be able to consolidate between suppliers, optimally utilize containers and select the right transport mode for reaching customers at the right time

Supply chain improvement

  • Streamline the lengthy and expensive process of product-to-market analysis and supply chain optimization
  • Gather relevant data and re-design your supply chain networks to reduce complexity and achieve quick wins
  • Identify areas for improvement and benchmark against industry competitors
  • Get faster results with a model that scales up easily, reducing lead times, environmental impact, damage or loss
  • Compare cost and performance by route and transport mode

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