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Adding value in logistics

Panalpina combines value-added services in Logistics and unique Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS) to help customers maximize their profits and stay ahead of the competition.


Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS)

Adding to our comprehensive value-added services (VAS), we are increasingly offering more complex Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS) to our customers. This new LMS offering includes manufacturing assembly and testing, technical distribution, installation and product life cycle extension services such as repair, reconfiguration and reselling. Furthermore, we recently opened our first 3D printing facility and play a leading role in the development of this versatile technology, which we see as a perfect complement to LMS – giving our customers the possibility to personalize their products and bring their production closer to consumer demand.


Matching inventories to consumer demand

(Demand-Driven Inventory Dispositioning – D2ID)


With our unique approach to inventory planning and demand forecasting, co-developed with leading academics, we enable our customers to forecast and position their inventories to match consumer demand. With this approach, our customers can maximize their sales at the best possible cost and with the least amount of capital tied up in inventory.


Advanced Analytics

Having many touch points with our customers’ products over long periods of time has provided us with a wealth of data that we systematically mine and put to use. We work with a number of integrated leading-edge applications to analyze, design, implement and transform logistics setups faster and to manage assets more efficiently.


Managing the product life cycle

At Panalpina, we believe the real meaning behind a supply chain is a product’s life cycle – from sourcing to disposal. In the increasingly complex world of circular economies, we are convinced that the future lies in managing and extending product life cycles.